Abdominal pain during pregnancy can be considered a normal part of the process I got sick the Friday before last with what I thought was a abdomen bug. Extreme nausea, upset intestines, dizziness etc, but I had taken Pepto Bismol and Gravol when i needed to work. I experienced somewhat better the next day and continued to improve until Wednesday when all the symptoms came back. The dizziness worsened, and I also experienced pain in the back of my throat and my lower back. I was too nauseated to eat and forgot to drink, which landed me at the doctor's office earlier this Saturday being told to drink a great deal of pedialyte. I was told to remain out of work until this returning Wednesday and prescribed a heavy work stomach medication.

It appears like I'm in the same sail boat. About 3 years ago I started out having stomach pains, dull pain in my own abdominal, like someone put a brick in there for fun. After about 2 weeks of frequent pain I went through all the most common tests, from blood, scans, endo/colonoscopy, h-pylori, etc etc. Found nothing at all, slight irritation of the tummy was all. Then was put on various diets, none of which helped matters, in the mean time I stopped ingesting and taking fizzy beverages, oily Foods, you name it!

Many types of teas are gentle on the digestive tract and are also very affective on annoyed stomach. Eating cinnamon, dark tea, lemon balm, mint, green tea extract , lavender and thyme is helpful for tummy ache. Seed sterols within teas well prepared from ginger, peppermint and chamomile also assist in alleviating abdominal ache. To get ready natural or seed tea, add half to one teaspoon of either herbal products or seeds into one glass of hot water and allow it to set for about five to ten minutes and consume.

The address-the-underlying-causes strategy then says that in addition to taking a look at the external situation that may be triggering nervousness, or as cognitive therapists do at anxiety-increasing thoughts, anxiousness may be considered a signal of an interior problem. Thyroid troubles, a reaction to a medication, a a reaction to contraceptive pills (which turned out in this woman's case to obtain been the problem), an allergy, inadequate sleep, or adrenal or other gland or hormonal problem can make a difference to explore.

Parents are occasionally quick to label abdomen pains as a means of seeking attention, avoiding unwanted tasks or playing ‘suffering' from school. Indeed where adults manifest with head pain, children tend to complain of belly aches. However other symptoms should be noted and the records taken very seriously if there are another severe symptoms or the kid is becoming pale, listless or displaying uncharacteristic behavior.stomach ache what to eat to feel better