Symptoms of this uncomfortable condition are the cause of more than 2 million visits to the doctor each year in the U. S. alone. The conventional gastritis treatment entails taking antacids or various other drugs to reduce abdomen acid. While these medications work quickly to ease symptoms, chronic utilization of these types of medications can lead to severe problems, such since osteoporosis or a condition called hypchlorhydria (low belly acid). I also gave this to my babies if they were just a few weeks old instead of using gripe water. The gripe water had lots of sugar in it which usually didn't help their currently upset stomach.

Your GP might need to make sure you haven't got a specific underlying problem causing swelling of the lining of oesophagus, stomach or the duodenum, the first component of the intestine. This section of the gut is called the upper stomach tract or UGI. Swelling there might be because of acid reflux (gastrooesophageal reflux disease, or Gord), ulcers, the effects of drugs (such as ibuprofen), bacterial infection (by HP, for example) or, rarely, a cancer. The tests includes a blood test for anaemia, feces test for HP and referral for endoscopy to get a direct view. Most likely more likely to have got them should you be over 50, or have developed persistent indigestion recently that is definitely getting worse.

In your meals journal, be sure to include the foods that you eat, the time that you eat them, any discomfort that you encounter after eating a particular food and how long after you ate the distress developed. Also include the length of time that the symptom was present for. Include any remedies your tried or foods your ate that brought you relief.

Cherries, raisins, apricots and prunes (also known since the CRAP diet) is another set of useful food to ease an upset stomach. Yogurt, carrot and mint juice and caraway seeds are a few other options. Thanks to your extensive response. You've given me a lot to think about. Avoid sleeping or lying down after eating. Lying down right after eating increases the opportunity of indigestion and acid reflux because it goes the contents of the stomach towards the esophagus.

Other symptoms of cystitis are: painful urination, pain along urethra up to bladder. Intense pain in long time occurs urinating, and maybe when finishing. Because of sharpened pain, women often stop or cannot urinate constantly; urinating process always is interrupted. If the stomach pain comes with reduction of appetite, nausea, throwing up and diarrhoea, the issue could be gastroenteritis or food poisoning.stomachaches frank iero